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There's a lot going on in Kemsing and Woodlands churches! This page shows some of our recent items of news; click on the headline to read more about any item.

Thu 21 May 2015 — 1:05 pm
Wednesday Club at Oak Hall

Wednesday Club is our after-school club (that actually meets from 5.45pm to 7pm, rather than straight after school) for children in school years 3-6.

They have a great time every week, with a wide range of games and activities. About once a year, they are welcomed to Otford Manor, the... more

Mon 2 Mar 2015 — 10:10 am
Guides, Brownies and Rainbows with their new flags

Our Church Hall Fire affected many groups within the village who used to use it on a regular basis. These included the Guides (including their Senior Section), the two Brownie units, and the Rainbows. All have found temporary places to meet, until our new hall is built, but it has been a big... more

Sat 28 Feb 2015 — 10:05 am

From time to time, we are asked what is happening with our planning application for a new church hall and vicarage.

Many local people have taken the time to write to the District Council to comment on the application. The vast majority of those comments have been positive, supporting the... more

Tue 6 Jan 2015 — 4:15 pm
Master Plan

First, a bit of history:

In early 2013, we submitted plans for a new vicarage and church hall to Sevenoaks District Council. In April 2013, we heard those plans had been rejected. We met with the District Council planners, and learnt a lot about how to improve our plans. Our architect got to... more
Wed 24 Dec 2014 — 8:55 pm
The final scene from the 2pm crib service in 2014

The Christmas celebrations kicked off for Kemsing and Woodlands with 3 crib services this afternoon.

At 2pm we had "carols for tiny tots", a quiet service designed with pre-schoolers in mind. We build up a live-action crib scene whilst telling the Christmas story and singing popular... more

Mon 15 Dec 2014 — 4:10 pm
Nine Lessons and Carols 2014

Yesterday, Kemsing had their carol service for 2014. We followed the usual format of Nine Lessons and Carols. We lit all the candles in the church, and only use enough electric lighting to allow people to see the words during the parts of the service when we were singing.

Our festival... more

Thu 20 Nov 2014 — 4:50 pm

Once again, Kemsing and Woodlands Churches took part in Operation Christmas Child.

This year, we were joined by others around the village, with the library and the school kindly acting as drop-off points. People made good use of these, and as a result we were able to send off 126 boxes. (... more

Fri 3 Oct 2014 — 3:05 pm

This year, we're again sending off shoeboxes through Operation Christmas Child. Last year, we sent off 81 boxes, which sets an ambitious target for this year.

We've just put a page on the website with lots of details about how it all works and how you can join in. We're particularly... more

Thu 17 Jul 2014 — 9:35 am
St Edith Hall

Many areas of our churches' life were affected by our church hall fire; one of them was the loss of our parish office. Margaret, our church administrator, worked Monday mornings (10-12) and Thursdays all day (10-5). People would drop in to see her, as she did many of the vital pieces of... more

Thu 10 Jul 2014 — 2:20 pm

Sadly, we learnt today that Believe In, our partners to enable people to give online to our work, will not be able to continue that partnership.

Like many similar firms, people could sign up to use them to administer donations. By paying them a fee (typically, a minimum of 5% of the... more


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