All-Age Services at Kemsing

All Age Service: I am the Good Shepherd, said Jesus

Once a month, the 10.30 service is an all-age service. Instead of children going to Sunday Special or Creche, all ages stay in the church service together.

Because of this, the service has a different format:

  • We try to keep the service to 45 minutes, never going over an hour
  • We have more "actions" songs, and activities that younger children will enjoy
  • We keep the service moving, cutting verses from longer songs, keeping the prayers short, and with a shorter talk than usual
  • There is more of a visual component to the service.

Many young families make this the service they come to every month without fail. Many older people enjoy the atmosphere created by having all ages worshipping together in church.

This service is usually on the 1st Sunday each month, but please check with us before making a special trip.