Matins - Currently Suspended

BCP Morning Prayer

About 4 times a year, we have a simple service of Morning Prayer taken from the 1662 Book of Common Prayer.

This service, also known as Matins, is steeped in Scripture, as we confess our sins, hear God's word, declare his praises and present our requests before him.

We don't sing any hymns during this service, and the Psalm and New Testament canticles are said rather than sung. There is usually a short sermon. The service lasts about 45 minutes.

This service is particularly valued by those who know it well; in many parish churches, up until a few decades ago, Matins was the main service each Sunday. Whilst a service in more modern English suits many today, there are those who cherish the familiar language of the BCP and of this service. Everyone is welcome!

See our Sunday Services page for details of other services.