The Madonna Roundel window in St Mary's church building

The Madonna Roundel stained glass in St Mary's Kemsing

In the autumn of 2010, the Friends of St Mary's Kemsing commissioned Léonie Seliger of Canterbury Glass Studios to remove the oldest piece of stained glass in the building, to restore it with the greatest care, and then to reinstate it.

The glass itself was suffering from some surface accretions that threatened to damage this delicate piece over the coming years. The way the glass was mounted further obscured it, so that the clarify of its colours could not been enjoyed to the full.

It is estimated that this particular piece of stained glass dates to the 13th century, when techniques of glass staining were at their earliest developement. There are few pieces of glass this old in the country.

After its restoration and reinstatement, Léonie Seliger also wrote a report on the roundel. You can read this by clicking on the link below.