During the 10.30 Morning Service, we run a supervised creche in our two vestries.

Children of all ages are welcome to stay with their parents in the church building. Very young babies (say, under 12-18 months) are usually content to play with the assortment of soft toys on the carpeted area at the back of the church. However there comes an age when children need a little more space to play, and like to make a little more noise as they do so. We want the parents of children this age to be able to join in the service without the distraction of looking after their own children each week. We are also aware that, much though we never mind a bit of noise, parents can feel embarrassed or self-conscious.

For the duration of Sunday Special, there is a creche running in the vestry area of the church. This features:

  • Two trained leaders, who have had an Enhanced CRB Disclosure
  • An assortment of toys, suitable for children of pre-school age
  • A safe play environment where children can play happily

We want both crawlers and older pre-schoolers to be able to play safely. To help this, we run "super-creche" for the older ones, often including a Bible story and a song, so that they can have more space to run and play, and so that very young children can be safe in a quieter space.

Once parents can see that their children are settled, they are free to return to the main service; if ever there were a need, one of the leaders would come and find a parent.