The Christian message is the astonishing good news that God offers us for free something we could never earn. Jesus paid the full price himself, when he died on the cross for our sins, so we can have forgiveness and a future at no cost to us. We want to share this message without adding our own markup. So we don't regularly ask for money — we don't want to undermine this wonderful news.

However, especially following our church hall fire in 2014, people in the local community have been asking for ways to contribute. In the modern age, charities are increasingly offering easy ways for people to give, using the internet to keep things simple.

For a while, we partnered with a website that offered charities free donation processing, but they they started to take a cut. We're still looking for the right solution for online giving. Facebook have now started a free donations platform for charities. Visit our Facebook Page, and use the Donate button.