2020 Electoral Roll Revision

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Tue 22 Sep 2020 — 12:05 pm

We are now concluding the annual revision of our church Electoral Roll for 2020.

A little background may help. We maintain an "Electoral Roll", which is a record of all those who are entitled to vote at our Annual Parochial Church Meeting (APCM). To join the roll, you either need to live in our ecclesiastical parish, or live elsewhere but worship with us at least 6 times in the past 12 months.

For most of the year, anyone can apply to join the Roll. However, once a year, in preparation for the APCM, we have a more formal revision of the roll, to make sure there's no ambiguity who can vote at the APCM. We give public notice that the Roll is being revised, and there is a 2 week period when people can apply to join. 2 weeks before the APCM, the revision ends, and nobody else can join the Roll until after the APCM. During that 2 week period, the proposed new Roll is displayed in public, so people can check they appear correctly. (Corrections to spellings or postal address can be made during this time). The day after the APCM, we're back into ordinary time when you can join as normal.

We began our annual revision in March; notices were displayed, and given at the start of Sunday services. But then we were not able to meet, so the electoral roll revision was paused.

Our APCM this year will be on Thursday 15th October, and agendas will be sent to everyone on the Roll next week. In preparation for this, we need to finish our annual Roll revision. Those eligible to join the Roll can do so up until 23.59 on Wednesday 30th September. After that, the next opportunity to join is on Friday 16th October.

To join, please print a copy of the Application Form (attached), and send it to our parish office: Office 5, 9 West End, Kemsing, Sevenoaks, TN15 6PX, to reach there by the deadline. If you do not have access to a printer and would like a blank form posted to you, please ring the office on 01732 761351, or send the electoral roll officer an email.