Annual Report and Accounts 2019

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Mon 11 May 2020 — 11:50 am
Annual Report Cover for 2019

The PCC met by video-conference on Thursday 30th April and approved our annual report and accounts for 2019. We are pleased to present this report to our many friends and supporters in the Kemsing and Woodlands area and further afield.

The report this year is briefer than in previous years, because the coronavirus lockdown means there was less time to collate the information and write the report. Nevertheless, the report is still an accurate and stimulating summary of the activities of our church family during 2019. Needless to say, there were no shortcuts producing our financial statements, which have been independently examined as usual.

Please download and read the report.

We would normally have had a Election of Churchwardens and an Annual Parochial Church Meeting (APCM) before the end of April. The national Church Representation Rules have actually been altered to give a new deadline of May 31st. However, with the lockdown continuing, our Bishop has given special permission for churches to delay their APCM until the end of October. The PCC has set a provisional date of Thursday 15th October, however this may be moved earlier or later in the year as required. As usual, the annual report will be circulated to everyone on the electoral roll in time for the APCM, and there will be a chance for people to ask questions at the meeting.

We give great thanks to God for his faithfulness throughout 2019, and continue to look to him to protect and provide for us during 2020. To him be all the glory!

Download: Annual Report 2019