Cookbooks and Calendars for Sale

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Fri 13 Nov 2020 — 9:25 am
The Kemsing Cook Book
The 2021 Kemsing Calendar

For a number of years, we've sold Kemsing Calendars, featuring Stephanie Sceal's photographs of the village and surrounding area. Stephanie has a wonderful gift to see a familiar place with fresh eyes and to capture that in beautiful photographs. People who love our area love these calendars; they always sell out quickly, and make wonderful Christmas presents too. This year's calendar is available for sale for £7.50.

This year, we've done something new: We've produced a Kemsing Cookbook. Cooks from across the community have shared their favourite recipes, which have been edited into a cookbook. The print quality is excellent, using spiral binding so the cookbook sits flat on your kitchen work top. There are 43 varied recipes, from savoury to sweet, food to drink, hot to cold. Sale price: £5.

You can order either of these by contating our church office.