Operation Christmas Child 2019

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Fri 8 Nov 2019 — 10:25 am
Shoeboxes from 2019
Shoeboxes from 2019
Shoeboxes from 2019

Many thanks to everyone across the community who took part in the 2019 shoebox campaign for Operation Christmas Child.

In total we were able to send off 125 boxes. We'll find out early in the new year where our boxes went.

This is a smaller number than last year, because one very generous contributor (who did a box a week throughout the year) was not able to take part this year. But it's still a really excellent year, and that's 125 children who will be absolutely thrilled to receive these in a few weeks' time.

This year, for the first time, we're also offering our church as a drop-off point for the public. This means that people, who have read about Operation Christmas Child in the media or online, will be able to look on their website for a public drop-off point and see that they can leave their box with us. This means that, as well as sending off our own 119 boxes, we will be a conduit for other people's boxes (individuals, and groups sending fewer than 50 boxes) to get their boxes to the organisers.