The Great Community Mural

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Fri 6 Oct 2017 — 3:00 pm
Kemsing Church's Community Mural Entry
The final mural with entries from all the churches

In the Spring of this year the Ecclesiastical Insurance Group launched the Great Community Mural competition. They invited church insurance customers to submit a piece of original artwork which celebrated the role their church played as part of the fabric of its local community. Five monetary prizes were offered to the five winners selected by the judging panel.

The information about this competition was seen by Pauline Mallinson who brought it to the attention of the Vicar. Pauline met with Diana Springall to discuss the project and it was agreed to submit an original embroidery which would endeavour to encompass all the outreach undertaken by St Mary’s. Diana designed an entry and enlisted the help of Leslie Olley and together they embroidered the A3 size entry requested by Ecclesiastical. This was submitted at the end of July. A picture of our entry is attached.

We were not one of the five winning entries. However, Ecclesiastical plan to combine all the best entries with the aim of creating the largest piece of community art that has ever been produced in the UK. The Mural will be ten metres in length and three metres high and will feature as many of the entries as they can include, with the five winners being printed on a larger scale and the overall winner being given pride of place in the centre. This Great Community Mural will be unveiled at a prestigious London venue before touring to a select number of cathedrals around the UK. As soon as we received further information regarding the display of the Mural a notice will be placed in Pilgrim News so that if you wish to view it you can.