Church Hall Rebuild

Clearing the site (July 2019)
Steel frame (August 2019)
Walls and Scaffolding (November 2019)
Walls and Scaffolding (November 2019)

Rebuilding work on our new church hall began in July 2019, and is progressing nicely. Estimated construction time is about 11 months, if the contractors are able to build without a pause. Click on any of the photos to see them larger.

Construction started whilst fund-raising continues, so the contract with the builders breaks the work down into a number of stages. This allows the church to instruct the builders to progress to a certain point, knowing we have the funds for that stage of the work. When enough funds are in place for the next phase, we can instruct them to build the next stage, and so on. Should it be necessary for the contractors to pause, while we raise the next block of finance, the contract specifies how their costs may increase, so that the costs do not spiral out of control in this scenario.

Phase 1 is to build a "watertight shell". The church signed off funding of £464,000 to enable this to happen.

The funds required to complete the building, once phase 1 is complete, are approximatey £350,000. The second phase will be to build an "airtight shell", which will cost £90,000 to £100,000.

In November, the builders told us that they would finish phase 1 in mid-January. The church could see that we would not be in a position to commit them to build phase 2 at that point, so the builders have been asked to pause work after phase 1 while we continue to raise funds. Many fund-raising efforts continue, including several grant applications and a number of social events.

We need donations to continue the building. Please contribute, however small an amount. Thank you for your help!