Annual Report 2018

Annual Report 2018 - Front Cover

On Sunday 7th April 2019, the PCC met to sign off our financial statements for 2018. We are pleased to present our Annual Report and Financial Statements for the year.

James, our Vicar, says in his report:

Please read this report, and be encouraged. This is the story of a church of Christian men, women and children who have used their great talents in various ways to the glory of God. God has blessed what we’ve done, and we must thank him.

But please read this humbly, and please pray for the future as well.

Ray and Trevor, our churchwardens, say:

Your two Churchwardens look back on a year which has been both challenging and inspiring in many ways.

Even without a Church Hall the growth and strength of our Junior Church numbers is great to see. We often take things for granted because it all seems to work. However without those silent members of the Church who give their time and enthusiastic support week in and week out we would be in a sad place.

The Churchwardens thank all those who help in a range of roles across the churches’ activities; without them, our churches and the outreach they give could not be provided.

The report is an encouraging one, bearing witness to God's faithfulness to us over the past year, and with exciting areas where we hope to continue to see things develop in 2019. Please download and read it, and join us in thanking God for his many blessings.